My name is Bianca Ungerer.

I have always been a bit of an artist. At a very young age, even before I started school, I played with clay and made interesting objects. I also painted and drew all kinds of things. I was always busy. Later I often spent time with my Oupa Vic and Ouma Corrie during school holidays and they would bake cookies and things and involve me to help.

I attended Hoërskool Dr E.G. Jansen and Hotel was my favourite subject. I loved it but furthermore, I had two great teachers, Juf. Lubbe and Juf. Benadé, both of whom inspired me and gave me many opportunities to be creative. They often gave me magazine pictures of beautifully decorated cakes and in the afternoons after hockey and athletics, I would try to decorate cakes to match the pictures.

I studied at Capsicum college and completed my Diploma in Patisserie in 2011 with great success. I received,  among others, the award for Graduate of the Year. Chef Sam, our head tutor, often pointed out that my skills were more the fact that I was a natural and talented than anything else.

I completed various other short specialized courses at different institutions.

Initially, my family started ordering cakes from me. This allowed me to grow, to try new recipes and designs. My family gave me feedback and I corrected the things that weren’t up to standard. They still order cakes and other baked goods from me regularly.

But, the absolute cherry on top is the continuous support from my parents, brothers and especially my husband who believes in my abilities and never stops boosting and inspiring me.

My mom and I are both very creative, my mom more than me, so I know where I got my talents from. She also invested in me right from the beginning of my career by buying the tools and equipment I needed. My dad and brothers took every possible opportunity to taste. They were possibly my best judges because of the honest feedback they gave me. This helped me to perfect my recipes.

Finally, baking and decorating cakes remain my favourite occupation. I enjoy every cake, every challenge and every happy customer.

I have been baking cakes for over 10 years. I have worked at various well-known and established restaurants and bakeries. I started Glitter Creations in 2017.

This is what it is all about. This is my passion. This is me